Making friends along the way!

The boys have been quite busy lately, biking through Chicago and making their way to Iowa. They are nearing Iowa City and should be on target to pass through Nebraska in the next 5 days…we think.

Nikola said they are in good spirits and have been making friends along the way and getting into adventures. More specifically, riding down hill, busting through two sets of tires, meeting a lovely couple who pointed them to an empty house to hang out in on the way, and most importantly, praying together to alleviate body aches and ask the powers above for a smooth journey and illuminated path.

The couple that Nikola spoke of, Patrick and Jean, if I remembered the names correctly, were greatly impressed by the message of this journey, and spoke of the importance of community, love, openness and the spreading of joy.

Nikola and Antej send their love to everyone, and express how much they miss their family and friends. Their adventure continues, and we will continue to update you with more stories in the coming days as they continue their way across the open fields and terrain. They are in better shape than they were in a couple of weeks ago, and their bodies are adapting to the effort.

Cheers to the open road boys…. let’s hope you don’t add to the roadkill on your way!



Patrick & Jean