The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…or peddle!

My 12th, 2016 : Three adventurers embark on an epic journey biking across the nation, planting trees of optimism and solidarity, and pushing their limits. This journey will test their will power, endurance, stamina, patience and emotions. Many might be asking themselves, “how on Earth will they make it to their destination?”

Remember, it is not the destination we must ponder and dwell on dear friends, but the journey itself. The lessons in every mile crossed, the challenges in every sweat broken and every breath huffed. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, and it is every step that must be cherished and contemplated. No matter the distance covered, or the possible time before our adventurers decide to stop (we can place bets on this 🙂 ), how far they go is a testament to their willingness to bike outside of their comfort zones, and into our hearts.

Join us in covering this epic journey. We will check in with our adventurers daily and look forward to hearing many stories. Send them positive energy, send them love, send them well wishes and stay tuned for unlimited shenanigans to come…!

Let the journey begin…

-Omar Rawi