Brief update on our JOURNEY

GOAL: Plant 200 plants

PLAN:  Thursday,  5/12 start riding from Georgetown in Washington, D.C. up north, through the Northern U.S. and arrive in Seattle around 7/7 (Our Routes).  Average 50 – 60 miles/day, while setting camps at night, unless friends help us with accommodations.  Along the way, we will find nurseries, appropriate planting sites, types of trees, which we would plant as optimistic symbols with our supporters’ names.  Other than that, when around WiFi, we’ll send you a lot of pictures and hope to see you join us on this journey.


Seedlings: $25 x 200 seedlings = $5000

Food: $30/day for 2 for 60 days = $1800

Incidentals (bike parts, repairs): $450

SUPPORT US on this journey by giving us love, manifested through many means: plant your own tree, donate for your seedling, give us shelter, introduce us to your friends, lock our bikes, show us your city or town, or just join us! Thank you.

Please go to our fundraising page to DONATE!

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