Help us push to the end!

Climbing and hurting in a good way keeps us optimistic that we’ll make it to the end. After we take a short break in Yellowstone, we’ll head towards the final destination. Give us last cheers, more good vibes, words of wisdom, a good quote, or a smart a$$ comment. Help us push to the end! Thank you for all the love. We love you back.

P.S. Best story yet to come 😉

2 thoughts on “Help us push to the end!

  1. God bless you for taking on such a huge endeavor. I’m very proud of you. You better come back in one very tired, a little thinner, and maybe a bit wiser piece. I love you brother! Stay strong and remember for every up hill there is a downhill. Is that a hique?
    All of your lodge brothers are here for you. Just let us know what you need.
    Keep pedaling bro……..

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